New prints! Marble Brush | Black Marble

New prints have arrived in our webshop! Marble Brush | Black Marble

The beautiful marble creates an exciting texture in these prints, and gives that elegant look.
We love the minimalistic look on these art prints, and we have more designs coming!

You can find the posters here! Free shipping for orders over 800 NOK!

What do you think? :)


Marble Brush | Black Marble



New collection: Elements

Forest - Mountain - Ocean

A new collection is now available in our webshop!

Inspired by the beautiful elements: Forest, mountain and ocean. So powerful and so beautiful! What do you think? 

Buy all 3, in any size, and get free shipping!

Forest / Mountain / Ocean

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Welcome to the jungle

Many of our prints are inspired by the animal kingdom. There are so many beautiful creatures out there, and we feel so inspired by them. The animal motifs are a popular choice in our webshop, two of our top selling prints right now is This is Me and She Wolf. Have a look at our animal collection, and get your inspo right here! All our art prints are available in 4 sizes: 30x40 / 50x70 / 61x91 / 70x100. Price from 399,- (euro 45)

Have a look at our webshop and find yourself some creative art!




She Wolf / This is Me / Gentleman / The Fox / Bill the Bull Terrier

Prima Ballerina / The Prince / Cool Panda / Lion Rose / Koi Fish

Suit Up / The King / The Guardian


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Warm Blush

Not exactly red, but not pink either. Warm Blush is just in-between. And it's beautiful! A strong and different wall color has reached the homes of many, should we believe the photos on instagram! Many are getting more and more excited about colors in their home, and the white walls are being repainted! 

I never thought I would paint my walls in something other than plain white. But in the last year I have painted with black (Dempet Sort), Blue (Oslo) and green (Minty Breeze). The great thing about wall paint is that if you don't like it, just repaint it! Painting your walls can make a huge difference. But walls also need decoration.

Black and white prints will fit in every home, no matter what color scheme you have chosen. We have a wide range of creative, black and white prints. Are you looking for something different to hang on your walls? If yes, then you should stop by our webshop and have a look at our art prints!

Get inspired by this lovely color, and look how awesome our black and white prints look together with it! It's a bold color, but we love it! What do you think? :)

She Wolf / The Fox / Black Butterfly / Black Harmony / Black Feather

Rebel / Don't Bite Your Lip / The Guardian / This is Me / Two Feathers

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Yellow Fever!

The days are brighter, longer and the sun is finally showing! Spring is coming!

Many like to decorate with a hint of color when spring comes along, and yellow is a definite go-to color!
Yellow has become more and more popular in scandinavian and nordic homes. It matches well with the basics (black, white, grey), which is a color scheme that many have in their home. 

Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness and what better words to describe the feelings we get when spring is finally showing after months of darkness, cold, snow and winter? :D

We love to create prints with a hint of color to match with your interior! Check out our Yellow Collection, and start decorating for spring! 

Visit our webshop for more unique prints for your home!


Our Yellow Collection: Ebony & Ivory / Yellow Butterfly / Yellow Mohawk / The King


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The Minty Collection

Spring vibes!

Our new minty fresh collection is a popular choice these days! The days are finally brighter and the sun is shining here in Kristiansand. Finally some spring vibes! 

Make your walls look fab with these fresh prints! You can shop our Minty Collection here!

Minty Flower

Creative Creature / Minty Flower

Cotton Mint #2 / Minty Flower

Cotton Mint #1

We are working on so many fun things in the office these days, so our mood and creativity is on top! The spring vibes are getting to us!

Don't you love the brighter days we are having? :D 

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The Black Collection

The Black Collection is one of our best selling collections. Black, simple and they fit together with every color, in every home.
If you are looking for some creative art to put on your walls, have a look in our webshop! We have over 40 unique designs!

We are located in Kristiansand, Norway, but we have worldwide shipping!

Black is an elegant, strong but also subtile (non-)color. It goes with everything, right? 

Shop our Black Collection here!

Black Harmony

Black Butterfly

Black Feather


What to you think? Is black one of you favourite (non-)colors, too? :)

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Vinn 2 stk valgfri 50x70 postere

For norwegian readers:

Lucky Me har en give away gående hvor du kan vinne 2 valgfrie 50x70 postere av oss!
De trekker en heldig vinner i kveld, så hiv deg med! Øk dine vinnersjanser ved å dele konkurransen på sosiale medier!

Finn konkurransen her

Lykke til!

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New design: Minty Flower


We just launched another new print in our webshop: Minty Flower.
Another design that's inspired by the lovely paint color, from Jotun Lady, Minty Breeze.

Minty Flower

Put it together with our other new designs: Cotton Mint #1 and Cotton Mint #2

We also have a cute print that matches this color scheme: Bill the Bull Terrier 


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Inspired by Minty Breeze


We just launched a new collection in our webshop! These two prints look so cool together, and we just love the color combo! What do you think?

The collection is inspired by the lovely wall paint color "Minty Breeze" by Jotun Lady. I have painted my whole living room in this color, and I am so in love with it! The color is subtile, calm and goes really well with my color scheme: black, white, grey and nature.

We design all our prints ourselves, so in our shop you will only find unique artwork :)


Click the photos above to go directly to the product in our shop :)



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